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Learning as I go

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I’m on the bus at the moment heading to Panama City. By the time I get there at around 5pm it’ll have been 2 full days of traveling. I left my accommodation yesterday morning at 8am, took a taxi to catch a 90 minute bus to cross the border (from Costa Rica to Panama), then I caught a 30 minute bus to catch a 5 hour mini van to get to David. This morning I caught another bus, which will take around 8 hours. This is traveling! There are a lot of buses and a lot of waiting. I could; of course, fly but where is the fun in that? I LOVE over~landing it as there is always so much to see: the gorgeous & sometimes surprising scenery, or the man I saw this morning who appeared to be taking his 2 beautiful green and orange birds for a walk across the road or children playing on the backs of water buffalo or 2 little old ladies laughing their hearts out as they walk down the road or a toddlers face that lights up with delight when she sees her grandparents climb off the bus in the middle of nowhere, or the little old lady wearing a bright pink t-shirt that says BE AWESOME on it or a glimpse of a father dancing with his baby, both unaware that I’m getting a glimpse into their world or one lonesome beautiful tree filled with the brightest yellow flowers on a landscape of brown.
I love taking local buses so that I can briefly experience life the way the locals do. I think that is one of the main reasons I travel. To experience life in another country, they way they do. Of course it’s not fully being a local but I’m getting a little glimpse into their lives, which I love!
Also, I think that traveling has made me incredibly patient and a whole lot more relaxed… and tolerant! When I am on the road a LOT of things are out of my control so I have to be PATIENT and just go with the flow. A bus that they have told me will take 24 hours but turns into 38 hours with nobody speaking English can be challenging and incredibly frustrating especially when you have another bus to catch after that but there really is absolutely no point in throwing your toys because you will not get there any faster and so you sit back, enjoy the view and trust that you will arrive when you are meant to and I always do!

Maybe I need my head read or something but I think maybe this is why my heart was SO restless while working at the Rescue Centre. It was seriously amazing to work with the monkeys and sloths and raccoons and Tami the anteater and and and but there was still too much structure. I still had to get up at a set time to get to work on time and I still worked an 8 hour day and got home exhausted every day. Then to bed at a silly early hour to get up at the same time the next day and do the same thing over again. It was an incredible experience and I will cherish it forever but my heart longs for the wild~ness of undiscovered places and to push myself out of my comfort zone by meeting new people whose names I can barely pronounce and trying to figure out at least a few words from a foreign language… haha.. always a challenge for me :P

I met a lot of people from all around the world at the Rescue Centre. Some I didn’t particularly like but most people were lovely. I think everyone is just trying to fit in and live life in a meaningful way where they are making a difference in the world, no matter how small.
I inevitably meet amazing people along the way and I always learn something from them, either about life or some realisation about myself and hope that I at least in some teeny tiny way inspire or leave happy memories on the hearts of everyone I meet.

Be your most AWESOME selves, my beautiful friends and be HAPPY!

  • **And almost just to prove to myself what I was saying about taking local transport, I must just share what happened once I got to Panama City the day before yesterday. After an 8 hour bus I then had to figure out how to get to my hostel. I had a vague idea but kinda figured it would be easier to just get a cab. I asked a cab driver and he told me $10 (to go less than 3km’s down the road) No Ways!! .. So I decided, as hot and tired as I was that I would try to figure out where I catch the local bus and once again it worked out for the best, as it always does. I eventually found the bus, but then the bus driver had no idea where I needed to go but thankfully a gentleman behind me understood and explained to him. But then I realised that I actually needed a card to get through the turnstile onto the bus but the lovely gentleman swiped his card to let me though and so not only did I get to my hostel safely but also for FREE! So sometimes when we think the simplest way is the best way, actually if we just have a little faith and trust in ourselves as well as the process of life we come out so much better on the other side.

Which reminds me of one of my favourite quotes by Winnie the Pooh:
Always remember you are BRAVER than you believe, STRONGER than you seem, SMARTER than you think & LOVED more than you know..

Sending big love to all of you, my amazing friends.

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Night before another big adventure

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After lots and lots and lots of requests, suggestions and direct orders from friends and family to start blogging on my adventures, I have decided to see if I can figure this out and try my hand at it. Please be patient (& kind) with me :)

So it's the night before my next big adventure to a new country and the complete other side of the planet and to be honest, I've been feeling rather odd.. Usually weeks before a trip I am soooo super excited about going to a new country but strangely this time I've been feeling not too much excitement and it's kinda confused me but I decided not to judge the 'non~feeling' and just go with things and see what comes up.. I think sometimes I expect to feel a certain way about things and then when I don't, I think something is wrong but maybe I need to just BE and feel whatever I am feeling, whether I am scared or nervous or sad or excited or terrified or just calm.. none of them are wrong, I need to just acknowledge them and embrace them without judgement.

I've been wanting to go to Central and South America for as long as I can remember but I always seemed to find a reason why not to go .. I don't have the money, it's not safe for me to travel alone, it's too expensive, I'm scared etc etc but you know that there really is absolutely no reason for me NOT to go or anyone else for that matter... It's easy to make excuses and we will always find an excuse if you want. But I have learned that life is about grabbing each day with both hands and living. It's about creating new big wild adventures, stretching ourselves, exploring, learning and growing.
It's not just about going to different countries and learning different cultures but learning about OURSELVES! Getting out of our comfort zone and discovering new aspects of ourselves and the world and all the wonderful, different beings of this incredible planet of ours. We learn sooooo very much about ourselves when we have absolutely no control of the things around us... All we can do is B~R~E~A~T~H~E deeply, smile and 'go with the flow'.. Of course there are times when we get angry or stressed or sad but we are always surrounded by fellow human beings that are either going through the same thing or understand and want to help.. after all we are all doing the best we can with what we have. This of course opens us up to meeting new friends who we possibly would never have considered or handling situations we never thought we could. There's such a big beautiful (sometimes scary) world out there and there are so many different aspects of ourselves that are waiting to be discovered and explored.. if we just open our arms and hearts and minds we can live the biggest wildest most colourful life we can possibly dream of...
I understand that traveling isn't for everyone but make every DAY count! Go out there and embrace every moment of every day, make it the biggest, brightest, happiest, silliest day of your life.. I promise it will only get better and better from then onwards.

And so as this little flower heads out tomorrow morning feeling rather nervous and excited with an overlaying of calm, I shall grab each and every day and make it the best, silliest and most colour day.. I will be in touch and let you know how colourful it gets ;)

Here's wishing you so much love and courage to make every day the best day of your life!

Big love


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